Kevin Coppalotti | King Kunda Cup 2007
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Tony mann drops a chain, Jack Hudson wins!Jack Hudson winner of the 2007 King Kunda CupFinal shot of Carbs before the big raceShara Gillow crashed near the end but still took home some cash thanks to wendy HabermanDave 'Kid' Keever 2nd last year, 7th in 2007Lex GreenhalghTony Mann softens up the Peleton with an early attackClaus Nielsen chases down a breakawayJack Hudson on the front of the PeletonDahl Drew 5thJeff Liddell 1st MasterDavid Gillow, stopped to assist daughter Shara later in the raceKevin PerssonDahl Drew hungry for a winMark Bown 6th placeTony Mann, Jack Hudson and Dahl Drew at the finishTony Mann with son Cyrus