Kevin Coppalotti | Qld Road Racing c'ships 07
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Scenes from Boonah ShireIrrigation keeps the farms aliveBoonah ShireGreen crop of 'stuff' in BoonahMMAS6 winner Jeff Liddell in red in the bunch'Strack Attack' Jennifer Strack, winner WMAS4Chas Matters, John Boylan, 1st and 2nd in MMAS7Tess Prince (Ipswich) winner WMAS3'Strack Attack 2'Elaine Sharrock Victor BroncosJeff Liddell has a look at his opponents in MMAS5/6Dave Wighton, 3rd in MMAS5Michael Brown (Maryborough)Richard Douglas (MMAS 6)Thomas Rothlisberger MMAS5Chas Matters, John Boylan 1-2 in MMAS7Chris Pryor the early leader in Elite ARoger Blackmore on the front,2nd in MMAS2Shara Gillow in red in the 103km elite women's race